Looking for Quality Container Sales & Services?

Who We Are

LV Container & Services is a leading provider of high-quality new and used shipping containers.

We also offer expert conversion of containers, customising them for a wide range of uses. Our mission is to create and use space in innovative ways, and to enable people to achieve their business objectives through the spaces we provide.

Our container division has a wide range of modular buildings & standard container conversion options. The designer team can also work with you to design your own one-off custom unit, nothing is impossible as long as it can fit in a container.

All conversions are made in-house at the workshops to ensure you get the quality of finish you would expect from the market leaders in container conversions.

Experience gained over the last 10 years by converting containers on behalf of well-established container companies has made it easy to take the next in offering our services directly to the public, cutting out the middleman and ensuring keener prices for the South African market.

Our Services

Container Conversion & Customisations

New and pre-owned marine shipping containers are used for a variety of standard rental and sale options with fully customised units converted to customer specifications available on request. Containers are extremely robust and are therefore ideally suited to rugged environments and where safety is a concern. They are easily stackable and can be joined to make larger secure units. They can also be clad or shop-fitted to provide more upmarket and aesthetically pleasing units. Containers also come in various sizes and are used, not exclusively, for the following:
Storage Offices Ablutions
Camps Accommodation Tuckshops
Hospitals / Clinics Classrooms Changing facilities
Kitchens Laboratories Refrigeration

Container Parts Sales

Do you do a lot of intermodal work? Do you frequently haul shipping containers, either separately or along with other kinds of cargo? If you answered ‘yes’ to either question, you know how valuable shipping container parts, locking pins, and accessories are. You know that having a supply of spare parts on board could mean the difference between delivering a load and having to wait by the side of the road until an inconvenient problem can be remedied.

LV Container & Services is proud to offer our customers a range of shipping container parts alongside all the rest of our cargo control supplies. From manual and dovetail twist locks to bridge fittings, we have what you need to keep shipping containers safe and secure during transport. All our shipping container parts, locking pins, and accessories are manufactured to the same high standards we apply to every other item in our inventory. If you need a part you don’t see on our site, please do not hesitate to ask and we’ll see if it’s possible to bring it in.

Container Sales

Buying a steel container is a fast, affordable way to meet long-term storage requirements

Steel containers
Steel storage containers – or dry cargo containers – are the ideal way to increase storage capacity on your premises. They’re available in unit lengths of 6 or 12 metres.

Refrigerated containers
Refrigerated containers, or reefers, are suitable for all cold storage requirements. They’re lined with stainless steel and aluminium for easy cleaning, and are available in unit lengths of 6 or 12 metres.